Hi! This is the landing page of the homeserver. If you wish to use it, please contact me via e-mail, matrix or Discord, download a Matrix client and point it towards this homeserver once you receive login details that you are urged to change as soon as possible.

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that I, as the owner of this homeserver, have access to its (encrypted) database. I have been a victim to session theft and unsolcited password reset done by the owner of the homeserver my account was registered in, so I would never take such malicious actions against a person registered on my homeserver, although my promise doesn't have an objective value. This is the case with every single homeserver you register on, except the one controlled solely by you.

I have put a lot of effort to make the data and accounts hosted on the homeserver safe (by enforcing end-to-end encryption in all cases, among others). Please make sure you don't lose your verified session. Otherwise, your account will be considered compromised and it might be removed from the homeserver.